Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Super Bowl comes and AGAIN NO COWBOY'S!!

Well here we are again, Super Bowl XLlll and NO COWBOYS! Yea I'm pissed, it's time for Jerry Jones to wake-up, there is something wrong within the organization and someone needs to find out just what the problem is. Jones wants total control so he needs to step up and do something....

Hello, 13 Pro-Bowlers on the roster this past season and again we didn't make the playoffs. I say we because I'm one of those die-hard fan's. That's right I have been thru all the coaches, the 1-15 season, oh and let us not forget "The Greatest Team Ever", that's right Aikman, Smith and Irvin, there will never be another three like these.

So all I can say in honor of the Super Bowl is no matter who plays in it, I'll still grab my Wing Stop wings and party like my Cowboy's ar there. Heck yea I have my Cowboy shirt on.

ONCE A FAN, ALWAYS A FAN.....In the great words of Jimmy Johnson, "How Bout Them Cowboys", now those were the days.

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