Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 TGCA State Softball Poll (preseason)

Class 1A 1. Shiner 2. Bosqueville 3. Eula 4. Elkhart Slocum 5. Maud 6. Thorndale 7. Windthorst 8. Marfa 9. Alto 10. Iola

Class 2A 1. Kirbyville 2. East Bernard 3. Coahoma 4. Danbury 5.. Big Sandy Harmony 6. Sadler S&S Consolidated 7. Poth 8. Hawley 9. Clyde 10. Harleton

Class 3A 1. Huntington 2. Needville 3. Texarkana Liberty Eylau 4. Burkburnett 5. Andrews 6. La Vernia 7. Longview Spring Hill 8. Robinson 9. Celina 10. Levelland

Class 4A 1. Nederland 2. Waco Midway 3. Dripping Springs 4. Rockwall 5. Barbers Hill 6. Port Neches-Groves 7. Mesquite Poteet 8. Wolfforth Frenship 9. Frisco Wakefield 10. Rockwall Heath

Class 5A 1. Austin Bowie 2. Klein Oak 3. Tomball 4. Odessa 5. Brazoswood 6. Weatherford 7. Rowlett 8. Mesquite 9. Alvin 10. Pearland


  1. Weatherford was defeated by Rowlett 1-0 and lost to Joshua twice this past weekend. Rowlett deafeated Joshua 5-2. Then Joshua forfitted to Rowlett in the championship game do to injury.
    Rowlett Completed the weekend undefeated Season mark of 7-0.

  2. Interesting 2A softball preseason analysis by the Texas Girls Coaches Association (TGCA)...either TGCA does not get out much (probably the case); or someone got assigned the job of the 2A preseason fastpitch softball poll while on vacation in Belize; or they should just put the dart board away that they use for their Top 10 Picks....David Letterman might have done better...

    Let's review TGCA's Top 10 Preseason Softball Poll; and while we are at it, let us remember that the TGCA is the governing body that awards Coach of the Year, Athlete of the Year, All Star Teams, All State Teams, and All Academic Teams. The "real time" results ought to wake up UIL, at the very least. The chasm of dispartity between the preseason 2A Softball Poll by TGCA and the actual results in 2A Softball demonstrates an abject disconnect and gross bias by TGCA as it relates, at the very least, to Texas State 2A Girls Softball. One wonders how far this disconnect (or gross bias) reaches. You can bet on a similar analysis for 1A, 3A, 4A, and 5A is on the way.

    So here we go; TGCA's No. 1 pick, Kirbyville does not even make it out of Area Playoffs (K'ville finishes in the pack of 64 Area Teams in playoffs; they rank, at least, above 32nd!); No. 2 pick by TGCA, East Bernard, fails to make it out of Regional Semis (thus, EB fails to rank in the top 16 Teams); TGCA's No. 3 pick (Coahoma) is in the top 8 so TGCA didnt butcher that too badly (that was a "gimme" since Coahoma has been a finalist 10 times in the last 13 years!); the No. 4 (Danbury; made it to the top 16) and 5 (Big Sandy Harmon) never made it to the top 16; Sadler S&S Consol and Poth (picked a lowly No. 6 & 7) are clearly better teams than those picked Nos. 1-5 and Sadler S&S Consol and Poth are in the top 8 finishers as we speak; TGCA's No. 8 Pick (Hawley) never made it out of their District into the playoff (seriously, TGCA, you should be embarrassed), and, finally, No. 9 (Clyde) and 10 (Harleton) never made it out of Area Playoffs (Clyde and Harleton finish in the pack of 64 Area Teams in playoffs; they rank, at least, above 32nd!).

    Now let us see who is in the final 8 teams for the Regional Finals. We do see S&S Consolidated, Poth, and Coahoma. Again, S&S and Coahoma were "gimmes" since they were there last year and return strong teams, and they have a strong coaching staff. Poth has shown strength regularly. Elysian Fields was the 2005 State 2A Champion and has strong coaching, but no mention of their program by TGCA. Early, Lott, and Halletsville had strong programs in and out of District this year as well. Finally, the North Texas team from Brock, Texas narrowly missed qualifying for the state tournament last year (Regional Semifinalists), and they have mowed through district, area, and are now in the regional finals. We understand that Brock has two committed D-1 players and another that will be going D-1 as well as three others that will play in college. We also learned that Brock has a strong baseball program (2007 State Champions)and basketball program (6 State Titles) so they are not new to the Austin trip.

    Now we understand that 2A sports are subject to a lackadaisical approach since they are not 3A, 4A, or 5A, and no doubt the Hill Country and South/West Texas have quality fastpitch teams, but TGCA shows horrible indifference to 2A Girls Fastpitch Softball if this is the best they can do. This is, at best, indifference, or, at worst, unforgivable regional bias. Neither is acceptable for a governing body like TGCA.

    Final suggestions; Do the research before you give the opinion (unique concept but practiced regularly). Actually speak with 2A District Softball Chairs and Coaches and verify their information (since the TGCA is a coaches association we thought this was a good idea. Here is a unique suggestion; speak with the
    players. They are refreshing and honest. Brush up on the Texas talent in one of the
    fastest growing sports amongst young women.


    Interested in Texas