Friday, June 19, 2009

Short's Notes....

Well here we go heading into another weekend...This being Father's Day weekend you have to think about what to do for dad. Funny you should ask here are some great idea's from the Shortman.

If dad likes football than he is in luck, with 7-on-7 qualifiers still going on..We know of a couple of big ones, down in East Texas there's a small and large school qualifier in Tyler. Also Celina will be hosting a qualifier as well.

So dad like golf? Well that means you could just hang out around the house and catch the US Open.. Can Tiger pull out another dramatic win? Could this be an emotional win for Phil? Only time will tell, but hey you can't beat it. So here is the suggestion we have, cook a big lunch for dad and then as he piles up in the recliner know that you want have to watch the golf tournament for long, because dad will probably take the Sunday afternoon nap.

Of course America's favorite passtime is baseball and there is plenty of that happening. The CWS (College World Series) is in full swing, is this the year that the Horn's grab another title? Then of course all the Major League Baseball that is going on your sure to find a great game to attend, or watch. Hey, the Rangers are not a bad ticket now...They are leading their division.

So there you go just some idea's for dear dad.... All of us here at Short's Sports Corner wish all the dad's a very Happy Fathers Day!!

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