Monday, March 23, 2009

The "Big Dance" is down to the Sweet 16"

Well let me first start off by saying I HATE MARCH MADNESS!! You know I say every year that I'm not going to play the Tournament Challenge and this year was no different.

Because I had not got to follow the NCAA field this season, I really wasn't up on basketball like normal. However like the IDIOT that I am, I still jumped off into every dang bracket challenge I could. Oh, and by the way I still stink at picking the winner's.

Somewhere out there though someone still has a decent bracket, It's just not me. Hope you're "Sweet 16" teams are the ones that will compete for the "Elite 8" this weekend...

Here is the complete list....
1. Louisville. The close shave against Siena showed even the best tournament draw can be misspent.
2. North Carolina. If Ty Lawson is back for good, so is the most dynamic offense in college basketball.
3. Connecticut. These Huskies will never get back what Jerome Dyson delivered before he was injured, but who has all the ingredients?
4. Memphis. Only fourth on this list? John Calipari will be pinning this to the locker room wall. (You can print it out, you know.)
5. Oklahoma. Before Blake Griffin exploded against Michigan, he was looking like the Sporting News player of some other year.
6. Pitt. The Panthers seem content to make every game agonizingly close—another thing they have in common with the Steelers.
7. Michigan State. That the Spartans survived a brutal test from the USC Trojans said a lot about their fitness to continue playing.
8. Kansas. That coach of the year trophy is on the way, Mr. Self.
9. Duke. It’s too late for the Devils to go home early, haters.
10. Syracuse. With Eric Devendorf at last playing for Syracuse and not just at Syracuse, the Orange are a serious threat.
11. Gonzaga. Gonzaga has the offensive ability to win this thing, and a defense that could have gone home after Round 2.
12. Villanova. Can the Wildcats keep playing as well as they did against UCLA?
13. Xavier. The Musketeers got the maximum out of their ability in reaching the Sweet 16.
14. Purdue. Honestly, Boilers—it’s not you, it’s them. “Them” being the Connecticut Huskies.
15. Arizona. Interim coach Russ Pennell is living the dream, and is well aware that means the alarm will be buzzing soon.
16. Missouri. Every year, fans of the 16th team are angry. You know who feels worse? The 17th team.

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